uts | chippie's father’s day special offers

It’s that time of the year to give back to Dad… a way to say Thank YOU for all the hard work he does year-round with much love and dedication.

Chippie offers the gift of connectivity! Stay in touch with Dad; make sure he is always connected wherever he goes.

3GB for 3 months
Chippie Prepaid

The DATA gift

Give Dad the gift of connectivity with a data bundle of 3 months for just USD 73. A data bundle of 5GB which has a validity of 3 months! Reload his balance and just send the word ‘DAD’ to 3434 or purchase this bundle via the miUTS app.

Chippie Pre- and Postpaid

The Smartphone with Data gift

Want to go for a smartphone deal?

Dad deserves it and Chippie has got you covered. Don’t miss out on Chippie’s Motorola smartphone specials with data included!


A Motorola E5 smartphone + 1GB for just USD 73


A Motorola E5 smartphone + 5GB for just USD 73 per month
  • How it works for postpaid
    • The postpaid offer is applicable for new and existing customers. (Postpaid T&C applies)
    • The plan is available with a contract of 2 years.
    • The USD 73 deal gives you 5GB data and unlimited minutes and SMS p/mo.
    • General T&C apply.

    The data rolls-over and the minutes and the SMS are subjected to a fair use policy.
    FUP SMS= 3000 (three thousand)
    FUP minutes = 2700 minutes to call all Chippie numbers and UTS fixed numbers in Bonaire and within Chippieland, as well as 300 minutes to call other providers in Bonaire and to top UTS International destinations.