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UTS introduces island wide LTE coverage in Bonaire. A stronger and faster mobile network for our Chippie customers

Kralendijk, November 4, 2017 - With the introduction of our new logo and tagline 'Feel the connection' and the movement of our UTS Store to Kaya Grandi to be closer to our customers, UTS promised to provide more powerful connectivity to our customers so they can focus on transforming their daily life challenges into success stories. UTS strives to do this by focusing on 4 key brand pillars: powerful networks, superior customer experiences, no-nonsense customer service and exemplary leadership. Emphasizing on the pillar of 'powerful network', we now launch a brand new LTE Network, providing high speed mobile internet coverage all over our ‘dushi’ island of Bonaire to all Chippie customers

LTE stands for 'ultra-fast mobile data' and is up till now the latest, most advanced technology in the area of mobile telecommunication. With LTE, our customers can experience a much higher and faster internet/data connection on their mobile wherever they are and use all their favorite applications without any type of restrictions. As of now LTE is included in all Chippie data packages for both prepaid and postpaid.

As we move onwards with this new technology, UTS removed the 2G network as of November 3, 2017 and is improving/upgrading the 3G network. Thus, with the launch of LTE and upgrade of the 3G service, Chippie customers can now enjoy higher speeds and an improved island wide coverage. It is important to emphasize that for a customer to be able to enjoy the benefits of LTE, he/she must have a mobile phone or tablet/Ipad which supports the technology of LTE bands. If there are any doubts, customers can always visit our UTS Store to receive assistance with this. Of course, UTS also offers LTE compatible mobiles at our UTS Store. Customers who are still using a 2G phone can visit our UTS store in Kaya Grandi for a special offer of just USD 18 to switch to a smartphone to stay connected.

To ensure an optimal enjoyment of this new powerful connectivity, Chippie now offers new bundles and data rollover on our surf bundles! Data rollover enables our customers to keep the rest of their previous data balance if they re-activate a Surf bundle within 24 hours of expiry of their bundle.

UTS is proud to be able to provide customers with the most powerful mobile connectivity to enable our customers to stay connected so they can reach their goals in life.

Visit our website www.utsbonaire.com for more information of our services.


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