Chippie Prepaid

Stay connected, without commitments

With a Chippie prepaid plan you are able to manage your spending, and not have to worry about bills at the end of the month. Reload your account with the credit you need and make calls, use data and send SMS messages.

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Chippie Postpaid

Always stay in touch

Call, text or go online whenever you want without having to worry about reloading your phone every time. Choose the voice and data plan that best suits your needs.

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Phones & Devices

Find your phone

Choosing the right phone is a big deal. Want a great camera? Does screen size matter to you? Or is having the perfect phone color important to you? Browse through our smartphones & devices for great deals.

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Other Services

Get more value with Chippie

Call at local rates when travelling to Chippieland destinations or stay connected with your own number when traveling abroad with our Roaming Services.

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