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Ever had to make an important phone call and was not able because you ran out of credit?
With a Chippie Postpaid you get the convenience of uninterrupted voice service and freedom from having to manage usage.

Postpaid Voice

Postpaid Voice Plans

  • Free Smartphone
    Smartphone with selected postpaid plans
  • Calling Minutes
    Calling minutes to call any Chippie number in Chippieland and other mobile local numbers in Bonaire, Local fixed numbers in Bonaire, Fixed USA and Fixed the Netherlands
  • SMS credit
    SMS messages to any Chippie number in Chippieland.


Price p/month

Free Minute Bundle

Free SMS Bundle

chippie 20USD 11.1745 minutes25 SMS
chippie 40USD 22.35100 minutes50 SMS
chippie 60USD 33.52160 minutes80 SMS
chippie 100USD 55.87300 minutes150 SMS
chippie 160USD 89.39500 minutes150 SMS
chippie 240USD 134.08780 minutes150 SMS
chippie 360USD 201.121200 minutes150 SMS
chippie 500USD 279.331800 minutes150 SMS
  • How to apply

    Instructions & Requirements

    Apply for a Chippie Postpaid plan in our UTS Store. Make sure you have the following documents with you:
    • A valid ID
    • A bank statement not older than 3 months
Postpaid plans

The Benefits

  • Roll-over data
  • Unlimited calls to all UTS numbers in Curaçao & Chippieland
  • Calls to all other providers in Curaçao
  • Calls to top International destinations
  • Unlimited SMS to all destinations in the world
  • Smartphone included in all plans!
Postpaid data

Add data to your voice plan

Surf, stream and share your stories on social media with our attractive postpaid data plans. Get started by choosing the plan that best suits you.

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