Prepaid Roaming Services

Enjoy endless roaming with our prepaid Chippie roaming services.

Data Roaming

  • Better control
    You have total control over your data roaming charges as you can only use existing credit on your Chippie Prepaid account
  • Competitive rates
    Competitive data roaming rates compared to other telecom providers

Voice Roaming

  • No Need to Subscribe for Roaming service
    It is included with your Chippie Prepaid account
  • Connected Worldwide
    No matter where you are in the world, you can be reached at your own mobile number
  • Better Control
    You are able to control your spending by determining the available Chippie Prepaid balance on your account
Roaming rates

Attractive Roaming Rates

Roam ON with your Chippie at incredibly low rates! Stay connected wherever you travel to with your own number without any worries. Surf or call back home anytime and anywhere. Chippie keeps you connected!

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Roaming Bundles

Travel with your Chippie!

Travel for pleasure or work and stay connected on your own mobile number by activating the Roaming bundle that suits your needs best. No hassles, No worries, No surprises. No need to search for free WIFI at hotels, restaurants and cafés.

The Chippie prepaid Roaming bundles service gives Chippie prepaid users an all 1 one bundle to surf, text and SMS without having to worry about any surprises as this is a 1 purchase, no additional costs deal. Indeed! Activate and keep control of your costs. On top of it you accumulate Roaming Miles! Indeed… Activate and keep control of your costs while also saving Roaming Miles.


Available for Residential and Business customers.

  • Aruba Aruba
  • Netherlands The Netherlands
  • Caribbean Caribbean*


Activate via the miUTS app!

1 DAY for USD 5.99

250MB, 30 minutes and Free SMS messages.

7 DAYS for USD 39.99

1.5GB, 75 minutes + Free SMS messages.

Bundle can be activated locally and abroad.

Activate with miUTS app
  • How does it work?
    • APN must be set on premium and data roaming enabled
    • Reload of call credit possible when abroad
    • Roaming bundle can be activated locally or abroad at destination where Roaming bundle applies.
    • Bundle includes data, minutes and free SMS in select countries. (destinations mentioned below)
    • New bundle can be activated once data balance has been depleted
    • Customer must have a registered Roaming Miles account linked to the Chippie number in order to save miles.
  • Terms & Conditions

    To be able to activate a Roaming Bundle, the subscriber must:

    • Be a Chippie prepaid subscriber for Residential or Business
    • Have sufficient funds required on balance to activate the bundles
    • Have the miUTS mobile application installed and an active user account

    Providers at Roaming Destinations:

    • USA (T-Mobile – AT&T)
    • Aruba (Setar)
    • The Netherlands (KPN – T-Mobile- Vodafone- Tele 2)
    • Caribbean* (Cable & Wireless/ Flow)

    *Anguilla –Antigua-Barbados-British Virgin Islands-Cayman-Dominica-Grenada-Jamaica-Montserrat-St.Kitts & Nevis-St.Lucia-St.Vincent & Grenadines-Turks & Caicos-Panama

    Click here for the General Terms & Conditions

Reloading your Chippie prepaid when abroad

Traveling for business or pleasure with your Chippie prepaid? Don’t worry about staying connected! You can reload your balance anytime, anywhere.

  • With a scratch card by using *191*pin number#
  • With a E-pin voucher by using *191*pin number#
  • Via Online banking: recharge your own phone or anyone else’s.
  • By letting someone reload your Chippie at a local ATM back home.
  • Via SMS 1111
Reload your Chippie from abroad