Chippie Prepaid Voice

Get the best mobile service and coast-to-coast coverage in Bonaire & Chippieland. Get started with a Chippie prepaid account with a minimum call credit of USD 10, visiting our UTS store and make calls right away!

Smart Talk Bundles

Smart Talk Bundles

  • Save up to 40% on your calls from your mobile phone.
  • Call all local fixed and mobile numbers starting from USD 1.09.
  • Unlimited SMS included.






SMS code to 3434

talk day 5USD 1.095 minutesValid DailyTALKD5
talk month 50USD 14.0050 minutesValid 30 daysTALKM50
talk month 100USD 24.00100 minutesValid 30 daysTALKM100
talk month 200USD 44.00200 minutesValid 30 daysTALKM200

  • How does it work?

    Activating a Smart Talk Bundle is very easy! Make sure you have enough credit on your Chippie Prepaid account and activate the bundle by sending the SMS activation code to 3434 and follow the instructions. The SMS to activate the services is free of charge.

    The service is applicable for prepaid customers and can be activated anywhere.

    The amount of minutes in the Talk Bundle can be used to call all local numbers in homeland and Chippieland numbers when calling from homeland.

    When minutes in the Talk Bundles have been fully used, customer can continue talking at the normal rate while in homeland for as long as the Talk Bundle has not expired. While traveling in Chippieland, Chippieland rates are applicable from core balance.

    Calls are calculated and charged per second.

    Calls to premium numbers (such as 0900 numbers) and messages sent to premium SMS services are charged outside the bundle.

    Roaming and calls to international destinations are charged outside the bundle.

    Smart Talk Bundles include unlimited SMS to all local mobile numbers in homeland and Chippieland numbers from homeland. This is valid for as long as the Smart Talk bundle expires.

    A Smart Talk Bundle expires after the number of days that the bundle is valid for has passed.

    There is no roll-over of residual minutes. A residual balance expires as soon as the number of valid days of the Smart Talk Bundle has passed.

    Customer can activate any bundle when the minutes in the Talk Bundle has reached zero.

    Talk Bundles cannot be combined with Combo Bundles, but can be combined with any Surf Data Bundles.

Add data to your Smart Talk Bundle

Make your own perfect voice and data combo. Activate a Smart Surf Bundle and surf, chat & stream with your smartphone.

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International Calling

Say goodbye to costly long distance charges

Talk to friends and family abroad and know how everybody's doing. Enjoy the benefits of the most attractive rates for international destinations as a Chippie prepaid customer.

International Calling



Country Code

Rate p/min in USD

Netherlands F310.53
Netherlands M31-60.67
Dominican rep.1-8090.61
Puerto Rico1-7870.67
United Kingdom440.67
Cayman Islands1-3450.79
Nevis & St Kitts1-8690.79
Saint Barth5900.79
Saint Martin (FR)5900.79
St. Lucia1-7580.79
St. Vincent & grenadines1-7840.79
Trinidad & Tobago1-8680.79
Turks & Caicos1-6490.79
Virgin Isl Br1-2840.79
Virgin Isl US1-3400.79
The rest of the World


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