Faqs LTE

Find answers to the most common questions about our LTE service.

  • What is LTE?

    LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” and is the next level of wireless data technology after 3G. In short; LTE is a technical process for high speed data for mobile devices. LTE is designed to reduce the time it takes to transfer and receive data online, giving you faster speeds and an overall better internet experience. With LTE you will definitely notice a difference when you're gaming, streaming, downloading and surfing as this will be 2x faster as the current technology on the island.

  • What is the up and download speeds that I can get with LTE?

    With Chippie LTE your data experience will go to another level by providing you with the fastest mobile data connection available at the moment on the island.

    Download, stream and surf 2x faster in the palm of your hands with:

        a download speed up to 20Mbps and

        an upload speed up to 4Mpbs

  • With LTE you have the following benefits

    Faster downloads and uploads of video, music, pictures. Save time in everything you do on your mobile device as LTE is 2x faster.

    Faster response on your applications. LTE is a simpler technology, therefore you will have a faster response on all your applications.

    High data speeds while on the go! With the LTE plan you can watch high definition videos or listen to high quality music.

  • What do I need in order to be able to get LTE?

    In order to be able to get LTE you will need the following:

    • An LTE Device: You will need a LTE smartphone that supports the following networks 2G: 900Mhz/1800Mhz / 3G/4G: 850Mhz/2100Mhz / LTE: 1800 MHz band 3. See devices for more information.
    • A 4G UTS SIM: In case you don’t have a 4G sim, this can be purchased at our UTS Stores. If you already have a UTS number with a 2G SIM, you can swap your sim to a 4G SIM for FREE.
  • Do I need a new SIM card to use the LTE service?

    Customers with a 4G UTS SIM don’t need to change their SIM I order to be able to get LTE. The customers that are still in possession of a 2G UTS SIM, must swap their sim for a 4G UTS SIM. This is FREE of charge and can be done at UTS Store.

  • With which plan can I get LTE?

    You can get free LTE access with all our SMART SURF bundles, and COMBO bundles or any postpaid data plans. So all you need is an LTE compatible device with a 4G-sim in combination with one of the above mentioned data bundles or plans to automatically get LTE data speeds without additional costs.

  • Is the data that I get with LTE restricted?

    No, all our data plans are open for anything that the customer wants to use data for. Meaning that we don’t restrict our data user by blocking certain apps. In this case, the LTE data you are receiving are also not restricted for any apps.

  • How will I know that I am getting LTE?

    When you are in an area that has LTE coverage with an LTE device and with an active data plan that supports LTE (All SURF, COMBO, Postpaid plans, you will see 'LTE' appear next to the signal bars at the top of your screen. Some other phones models, such as the Samsung S5, display 4G.

  • Will my device always stay connected to LTE?

    No, you will not always be connected to LTE as this depends on your location on the island and if there is LTE coverage available in that area. You might notice that your device is switching between 3G, H+ and LTE as you move around.

  • On what factors does LTE speed depend?

    The indicated download and upload speed are up to maximums. The speed depends on your mobile device, coverage of LTE, traffic on the internet, and the number of users close to a network base station. In order to be able to make optimal use of our data services, the mobile device should be compatible with our network.

  • What happens during a phone call?

    If you have LTE data, you can continue making calls and sending SMS without any interruptions.

  • What devices should I use in order to get LTE?

    The customer should be in the possession of an LTE smartphone and/or a device that is compatible with our network. The frequencies of the device compatible with our network is:




    2G900mhz/ 1900mhz
    4G850 mhz/ 2100mhz
    LTE1800 mhz









        Many phone manufacturers produce 3G and LTE versions of the same model. Make sure that you go for a smartphone device with the right bands.

        Make sure that you have the latest firmware.

        Make sure you have the latest OS upgrade installed on your device

    • How to configure LTE settings on my smartphone?

    The good news is that you don’t have to do any additional configuration to get LTE on your device. You just need to have the right tools and the right data plan in order to be able to get LTE. See Q 4 and 7.

  • Do I need a special APN for accessing LTE?

    No, in order to get LTE, you just have to use the same APN corresponding to your active plan. See below for the overview of the APN’s.

    Postpaid Data Plans


    Bundle Data



    Postpaid Standard Data PlanMonthly3GBUSD 29.683gpremium
    Postpaid Premium Data PlanMonthly6GBUSD 47.703gpremium

    Prepaid Data plans

    SMART Surf bundles


    SMS to 3434


    Price USD

    1 day continuoussurfd1001001.49
    3 days3d4006.00
    7 dayssurfw1000100012.00
    30 dayssurfm750

    SMART Combo bundles


    SMS to 3434




    Price USD

    1 day continuouscombod4040Unlimited*Unlimited*2.29
    1 dayscombod100100Unlimited*Unlimited*3.49
    3 dayscombo3d400Unlimited*Unlimited*9.00
    7 dayscombow500500Unlimited*Unlimited*29.00
    30 dayscombom2500

    To check your combo status: SMS combo val to 3434